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10 Worst Things to Say to Someone Who Just Lost Their Entry-Level Job

Alice Handley and Tania Khadder

September 28, 2009

Someone you know just lost their entry-level job . Yikes.

You want to be supportive. You want to help them see the positive side of their misfortune. You want to buy them a drink. And you should! But please, tread carefully.

The time directly following a layoff is a delicate one. Your friend will want your help, but they may not be so receptive to your wise suggestions or burning questions. The fact of the matter is, being laid off sucks. Your comments come from a good place (of course!), but you might be surprised at how they are construed by someone whose wounds are still fresh from getting shown the door.

Here are 10 things you shouldn’t say to someone who has just been laid off.

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