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12 Tips to Climb the Corporate Ladder FAST

12 Tips to Climb the Corporate Ladder FAST

By Lauren Bayne Anderson

June 03, 2011

Got a new job? If it’s an entry level position, consider yourself lucky to even have a job in this economy. But don’t settle for an entry level position permanently.

Promotions mean more money, more responsibility and the ability to manage other people, which looks great on a resume. Every promotion is another rung on your climb up the corporate ladder.

And if you’re just starting out, as far off as it seems, it doesn’t have to take years to get to a promotion. There are ways to move up from your current position— FAST.

Here’s how:

  1. Work Harder: Come early, stay late. Get lots done while you’re there.
  2. Take on Added Responsibility: If the boss needs someone to handle a project, volunteer.
  3. Exceed Expectations: Find out what the expectations for any given task are and exceed them. If the project is due by the end of the week, get it done mid- week. If you are tasked with coming up with two new ideas, come up with five.
  4. Attention to Detail: Make sure to get it right. Everyone makes mistakes, but let your work be work that can be relied upon for being complete, accurate and professional.
  5. Look the Part: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Looking the part shows professionalism, and helps your boss see you as a natural fit for the position.
  6. Be a Leader:: Have a positive attitude, don’t wait for work to fall in your lap, take initiative.
  7. Come Up with New Ideas: Even if they aren’t adopted, you’ll secure your position as a person who thinks outside of the box and is constantly thinking for ways to improve.
  8. Make Your Boss Look Good: Always try to make your boss look good, especially in front of his/her superiors. This means doing everything you can to excel in your position and displaying a positive attitude while doing so. Doing your job well makes his/her job easier, and it makes your boss look like they have things together on their team—a team that performs well.
  9. Be a Good Co-Worker: Help out coworkers when you can. Show you can be part of a team. After all, how can you lead a team, if no one on it likes you?

What NOT to do:

  1. Don’t throw your coworkers under the bus. You may think making them look bad will help you out, but in the end, you’ll become the enemy of your coworkers, and your boss will come to see you as a trouble maker who can’t work within a team.
  2. Don’t Plot for certain positions. Especially positions that are already filled. If you work hard and stand out, opportunities will always present themselves—and they may be opportunities you hadn’t considered.
  3. Don’t share too much. Dating someone new? Went bar hopping over the weekend? Got a new tattoo? Don’t share at work. You’ll be viewed as unprofessional. When’s the last time you talked with your boss about the dating scene? In most cases, you haven’t. Take a cue from them.

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    Good information here!

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    I have been doing all of these things for over 4 years and my supervisor has taken all the credit and has thrown me under the bus. I guess I need a new career.

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    Does every move upward inevitably demand that I supervise other people? If so, I will happily stay where I am. Nothing could be more difficult and stressful than managing people.

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    I did eveything on the to-do list at my last job and I still got laid off because of "seniority" and that my position was the most "expendible". I was already doing the work of three people and consistently going above and beyond my job duties. I was coming up on my one year review and thought for sure that I was due a promotion. I guess in this economy it doesn't matter if you do everything right, because you can still get screwed.

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