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Deal with Workplace Discrimination

Deal with Workplace Discrimination

By Lauren Bayne Anderson

April 08, 2011


In terms of practical ways to deal with discrimination, the most important step is communication.

Often, people don’t even realize they are being offensive. If someone makes a blanket statement or an offensive comment, respond to them. For example, if someone makes a comment, “Hispanics don’t speak English”, you can respond, “Do you mean ALL Hispanics or are you referring to someone specifically that you’ve had a hard time talking to”?

The EEOC suggests “speaking up against stereotypes and demeaning comments without putting somebody down.”

But how do you do that in a touchy or offensive situation?

Here is the EEOC’s advice on how to dealing effectively:

  1. Assume Good Intent and Explain Impact
  2. Ask a Question
  3. Interrupt and Redirect
  4. Broaden to Universal Human Behavior
  5. Make It Individual
  6. Say Ouch!

Assume Good Intent and Explain Impact →