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What Professionals Should Never (Ever!) Wear

Kayla Baxter, Anna Hennings, and Alice Handley | AdminSecret

August 24, 2009


Why not?

Uggs are just glorified slippers. And what are slippers? They are part of your pajamas. And do professionals wear pajamas to the office? No, they do not. No matter how cold it is outside, or how sick or hungover you feel, don’t come traipsing into the office wearing Uggs. And don’t even think about showing them off by tucking your jeans into them – or worse – pairing them with a (denim) mini skirt. You’re a professional.

Try me instead:

Want boots? Give leather boots a go. They don’t even have to be heeled. Not only are flat boots much more comfortable, but they’re in style and classic – so they’ll last you more than one fashion cycle – and they transcend seasons: Wear them with tights or bare legs, with dresses, skirts or with pants!

The Exception

Sheep farmers.

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