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What Professionals Should Never (Ever!) Wear

Kayla Baxter, Anna Hennings, and Alice Handley | AdminSecret

August 24, 2009

All-Over Animal Print

Why not?

Animal print almost always comes back in style, so purchasing a leopard or zebra print piece isn’t a terrible idea. However, it’s when you overdo this trend that the horror begins. If you keep it simple, your office will think you’re edgy — which is what you want. But take it over the top, and they’ll think you were up to something a little bit shady last night.

Try me instead:

A little bit of animal print goes a long way. If you do choose to wear a piece with this print, make sure it’s only one item of your outfit. Only shoes, or only your bag, etc.

The Exception

Pussycat dolls, pimps

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