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What Professionals Should Never (Ever!) Wear

Kayla Baxter, Anna Hennings, and Alice Handley | AdminSecret

August 24, 2009


Why not?

Crocs are for the beach. For small children. For working in the garage or around the house. We realize they have cool antibacterial and slip-resistant properties going for them, but even their website admits that Crocs were originally “intended as a boating/outdoor shoe.” Face it, Crocs are not for the office.

Try me instead:

If you absolutely cannot let go of the Crocs name and comfortable-shoe concept, give YOU by Crocs a go, the brand’s “high fashion” line that still incorporates the “croslite technology” – which means it’s odor resistant and anti-microbial – and that has extra padding right where you need it most: The ball of your foot and your heel.

The Exception

Celebrity chef Mario Batali. If you’re Mario, you have our blessing.

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