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9 Essential Ways to Rate Your Next Boss

9 Essential Ways to Rate Your Next Boss

Julie Keller | Divine Caroline

July 19, 2010

Company Outlook
Ask the manager what major obstacles they foresee for the company, what their plan is to overcome these. This will show you how clued up they are on matters outside their department and what preparations they have in store.

Where Are They Heading?
Try to understand what the goals are for the boss. Is he or she going places or staying put for the foreseeable future? You need to know this as you might want to move up the ladder one day. The flipside would be that you could end up being managed by a complete stranger overnight.

Decision Time
Your ability to get along well with your future manager will mean everything to your job satisfaction and career progression. After you have interviewed your potential future boss, take your time to digest the information. Always go with what your instinct tells you about the person. Never chase only money or glory as it will come back and bit you where it hurts.

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