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9 Essential Ways to Rate Your Next Boss

9 Essential Ways to Rate Your Next Boss

Julie Keller | Divine Caroline

July 19, 2010

Style of Management
Is your potential new boss a sugar coater or more of a boot camp drill instructor? Ask them to describe themselves as a manager and what their priorities are. Watch out for David Brent-style corporate buzzwords and clichés. Another vital clue is how much they like to get involved in their subordinates’ day to day work. Some people hate being micromanaged, others thrive on it. Whatever you prefer, it’s important you are both on the same wavelength.

Can You Learn From Them?
Just like they say you should work to learn, your boss should be your teacher. If you can see yourself learning from this person right now and for the next years, you are probably on to a winner. The question to ask yourself here is whether they possess skills that you want to acquire and do they seem happy to share these with you?

Who Do They Report To?
Insist on meeting the boss of the boss. You need to understand what type of manager they report to as this will trickle down to your situation as well. If possible, ask to see the top dog separately so that you can ask a few probing questions around your potential new manager.

Problem Handling
There is nothing better than a bit of pressure to see someone’s real character come out. Whether it’s a conflict in their team or an IT crash, how did they handle it? Ask for a specific example. This will give you an idea of how they would deal with you in case you lock horns in the future. They say a clever employee knows how to manage their manager, and the only way to do this is knowing how they are likely to react in a particular situation.

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