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9 Essential Ways to Rate Your Next Boss

9 Essential Ways to Rate Your Next Boss

Julie Keller | Divine Caroline

July 19, 2010

Going for a job interview is as much about you being interviewed as you interviewing the interviewer. Remember that the reason you are in an interview is that the employer has a need that you can hopefully be the solution to.

Before you agree to join a company, you want to be sure that the people you will be working with will be helping you out, transferring knowledge, and making sure you progress in your role. The most important person will obviously be your new manager. Picking your new boss is similar to choosing long term friends or even your partner–the difference being that you are likely to spend more waking time with your new boss.

Make sure you get the selection right by going through this checklist before you decide if your potential new boss is right for you:

You will know straight away if you have the right chemistry with your manager-to-be. Sense of humor, body language, common interest and rapport in general will determine how you get along. Once you have left the interview, you’ll have that gut feeling. Be honest with yourself; can you see yourself working with this person for the next three to five years? If the answer is no, run to the hills.

Their Background
Make sure you ask your future manager how they ended up in their role. Was it by choice or necessity? How long have they been with the company? Has it turned out the way they expected? What would they change if they could? This will help you draw up a picture of what things will be like for you.

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