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4 Jobs That Let You Travel the World

4 Jobs That Let You Travel the World

Your passport can pay off!

Nancy Collamer |

June 01, 2010

3. Work on a Cruise Ship: Cruise ships offer a variety of opportunities for employment ranging from full-time staff positions to part-time gigs as onboard lecturers, fitness instructors and even dance partners (yes, distinguished older gentleman can receive free cruises in exchange for working as charming partners on the dance floor!).

To learn more, go to the careers page of any of the major cruise lines or consult:’s Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs Guide to Careers on Cruise Ships

4. Tour Director/Manager: If you’d like a chance to get paid for travel, but you don’t want to commit to a long-term obligation, consider becoming a tour manager. Tour Operators hire Tour Managers to be the guides for tours that have been organized by the Tour Operator. Tour Directors lead their groups on tours and ensure that all aspects of the trip run smoothly.

In addition to having their travel expenses covered, people who lead tours get paid either a salary or project fee. In addition, they earn income from tips and commissions generated from selling optional tour features.

There are a number of short-term training programs available to people wanting to enter this field, many of which are now offered online and through community colleges. Here are two of the better-known programs:

International Guide Academy
Professional Tour Management Training (offered online and through local continuing education programs).

Featured Author: Nancy Collamer
Nancy Collamer helps people design lifestyle-friendly career options outside the 9-5 corporate box. Her clients include midlife career changers, parents looking for flexible/ home-based work options and professionals of all ages eager to break out of the corporate rut. Nancy holds a M.S. in Career Development, a B.A. in Psychology and is certified as a MBTI administrator. A career coach since 1996, Nancy gained national prominence as the Career Transitions columnist for Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen Media. She is the founder of the websites and and the author of The Back-to-Work Toolkit: A Guide for Comeback Mom. A loyal graduate of UNC/Chapel Hill, she is the proud mom of two beautiful daughters and a one-eyed cat. Based in Old Greenwich, CT, Nancy works with clients around the country by telephone. She can be reached through her websites at or

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