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4 Jobs That Let You Travel the World

4 Jobs That Let You Travel the World

Your passport can pay off!

Nancy Collamer |

June 01, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to blend your love of travel with your career (instead of slaving away for 50 weeks to pay for two weeks of vacation)? If you’re at a point in your life where you have the personal freedom to travel, consider these travel-related careers:

1. Travel writing: Looking for a profession that enables you to combine your passion for writing with your desire to explore the world? Consider becoming a travel writer. There are hundreds of travel guide book publishers, travel magazines, online sites and newspapers seeking articles about travel every week.

While it is unlikely that you will be able to support yourself as a full-time travel writer (most writers juggle multiple income streams) there are some very nice perks associated with this profession. In addition to being paid for your writing, you’ll typically be compensated for your lodging, travel and tour expenses – often on a first-class basis -when you travel on assignment.

To learn more about travel writing, consult the following resources:

Profiles of Travel Writers – Interesting collection of interviews with seasoned professionals in this field.
The FabJob Guide to Travel Writing – Instantly downloadable publication that provides detailed information on the nuts-and-bolts of becoming a successful travel writer. – There are a number of training programs available to people wanting to learn how to become travel writers. Although I do not have personal experience with the courses offered through Media Bistro, it is the go-to resource for all information related to the media business. They offer an online travel writing class for aspiring travel writers that looks quite substantive.

2. Teach English Overseas: Thanks to the global economy, the opportunities for teaching English overseas are booming. In most instances, all you need to qualify for a teaching job is a bachelors degree, but candidates with advanced training and either a certificate in ESL or a master’s degree in TESOL, enjoy greater job opportunities and earnings potential.

Most programs require at least a one-year commitment from job applicants. Earnings potential can range from a small living stipend — to $50,000+ depending on your expertise and location. As an added bonus, if you spend a full calendar year abroad, your income might be exempt from US taxes (if you meet the qualifications for the foreign earned income exemption).

To learn more:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course Database
Transitions Abroad Online Guide to Working Abroad: Comprehensive Links and Advice on teaching and working overseas.

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Featured Author: Nancy Collamer
Nancy Collamer helps people design lifestyle-friendly career options outside the 9-5 corporate box. Her clients include midlife career changers, parents looking for flexible/ home-based work options and professionals of all ages eager to break out of the corporate rut. Nancy holds a M.S. in Career Development, a B.A. in Psychology and is certified as a MBTI administrator. A career coach since 1996, Nancy gained national prominence as the Career Transitions columnist for Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen Media. She is the founder of the websites and and the author of The Back-to-Work Toolkit: A Guide for Comeback Mom. A loyal graduate of UNC/Chapel Hill, she is the proud mom of two beautiful daughters and a one-eyed cat. Based in Old Greenwich, CT, Nancy works with clients around the country by telephone. She can be reached through her websites at or