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Fitness Advice from Cops and Firefighters

Fitness Advice from Cops and Firefighters

Steve Berman | MonsterCollege

June 01, 2010

Nutritional Tips for the Road

With the long shifts police officers and firefighters work, eating on the run is often a necessary evil. The same goes for all of us, especially if we’re traveling or busy with tons of errands or a stressful workday.

However, weight loss (or gain) doesn’t take a vacation. Smith says that when time is limited, you should still pay attention to the following:

1. Lay off the fast food
2. Eat before you leave the house
3. Pack a nutritious lunch at home to eat at work
4. Fit 30 minutes of workouts into your mornings
5. Set a regular eating schedule so you don’t find yourself skipping meals or binge eating 6. Walk more
7. Do crunches, sit-ups and lower back exercises and stretches every day, as they’ll make you pay attention to your food intake and stop gorging

Beer and Fitness? Can It Be?

Smith wrote an article about a former Navy Radioman who had developed a large belly after retiring, and wondered whether his habit of drinking 2-4 beers a day was the reason why.

Perhaps surprisingly, Smith didn’t come down all that hard on beer, but the inactive lifestyle the old Navy man had settled into. Moderate consumption (1-2 drinks per day) isn’t something Smith says we should be afraid of — it can even be beneficial. But only if you exercise at least 20 minutes per day. And binge drinking is never a good idea. After all, drinking four beers is like eating a Big Mac, and that’s never going to help you achieve your fitness goals.

So whether you’re catching perps, fighting fires, or just a normal everyday citizen battling spreadsheets, always know you can check out PoliceLink and FireLink for great fitness tips we can all use.