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Go From a ‘Nobody to Somebody’ In The Job Market

Go From a ‘Nobody to Somebody’ In The Job Market

April 27, 2010

4. Print some business cards for yourself

Networking can take place anywhere – from a special event to a local coffee shop, so you should always be prepared with a business card. Many professionals have business cards, but that doesn’t mean that they’re only for those who are employed. A college graduate who has a business card shows employers that they are serious, ambitious, and determined to find a job in their field.

5. Guerrilla resume strategies

If it’s been a few months since you’ve sent your resume to companies online and haven’t even gotten a response, try some guerilla resume strategies. Here are a few examples:

  • f you are applying to a company in the fashion industry then send your resume printed on a t-shirt
  • If you are applying to an analytical/research position then put all your skills into a pie chart and put your past employment achievements on a line-graph
  • If you happen to be applying to a company in the food in food industry then try sending your resume printed on a mug.
  • These are just examples but the point is that since your old resume didn’t work before, you have nothing to lose here. Creativity is a characteristic that employers always admire, so come up with your own ideas too. Let’s say you’re the recruiter for a pet store company and one day you get a package that has a toy dog in it with a resume attached – how would you feel? This would be a story to tell everyone, and you would never forget that job applicant.

    6. Be a consultant…for a few minutes.

    One great way college graduates can stand out is to act like you they already work at the company by doing a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). It’s not necessary to send this actual analysis out to the employer – instead you should try to brainstorm a new product or business strategy for the company and email it to the head of a particular department (snail mail works great too). This doesn’t have to be very long or complicated – a simple page with your idea clearly-explained will do.

    7. Be a consistent contributor on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a great way to make connections and leverage such connections for your job search, but why not have a positive reputation first? Be a consistent contributor to the LinkedIn Discussions of specific industry groups you are interested in and participate regularly in LinkedIn Answers. Use the Discussions to post industry trends or contribute to topics, and use LinkedIn Answers to show off your knowledge. Building a rapport with professionals online is a great way to start off a relationship before you talk to them on the phone or meet them in person.

    8. Facebook profile cleanup

    Deleting comments that employers may frown upon on your Wall is a good idea. Many companies today will research you online, so make sure you are presentable as a job candidate. As well, making sure your Facebook profile is not linked to any inappropriate pages or groups is another important precaution to take.