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Signs of a Selfish Boss

Signs of a Selfish Boss

Nealeigh Mitchell | MonsterCollege

March 06, 2017

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment, you’ve probably dealt with some breed of bad boss. Micromanagers, control freaks, and selfish tyrants lurk at all levels of organizations, their destructive powers wreaking havoc in the workplace.

In fact, employee-employer relations are major stressors for even the savviest businesswomen. According to a Gallup poll, supervisor problems surpass most other areas of worker dissatisfaction, including salary, hours, and job duties.

Don’t let a lousy leader knock you off your career ladder. Steer clear of costly consequences by recognizing ways a self-centered boss keeps her subordinates in check.

Clips Your Wings:

Selfish bosses are super sensitive to younger and brighter protégés nipping at their heels. Overeager beavers rarely win a battle with the boss — especially if it’s over sharing the spotlight. So if you find yourself staying late at the office but left out of important meetings, request a chat. That promotion you’ve been waiting for may never come.

Steals Your Work:

Self-centered bosses hate getting eclipsed by their underlings so they hog the glory by taking credit for your work. Sure, your job is to be creative and generate fresh ideas. You’re also there to make your boss look good. But if you’ve singlehandedly saved a project — or four — and still need a nametag, there’s a thief in the ranks.

Feeds You to Wolves:

You relish being the boss’ right-hand woman but unfortunately, there’s an ugly underbelly – you’re always doing the dirty work. Firing employees or taking flak for a bad sales pitch should never land in your lap. Shoulder the responsibility only if it’s a balanced load. You’re there to support your boss, not be her whipping girl.

Leaves You in the Lurch:

You’ve proved yourself and finally get to spearhead a major project. Only your boss gave you half of the vital information and an impossible deadline. Plus, your team isn’t qualified to get the job done. Why would she sabotage her own crew? She might be throwing you under the bus to keep you in your place.

Crashes Your Weekend:

Burning the midnight oil at the office every once in a while goes with the territory. After all, 40-hour workweeks are a thing of the past. But if your weekly Sunday stroll includes a trip to the office, you’ve got a maniacal manager. You shouldn’t be expected to clock into work at your boss’ whim.

Sticks to the Rules:

Flexibility is crucial in today’s dynamic business climate, and there’s nothing like a rigid boss to sink a team’s spirit. Fresh talent brings fresh ideas and if she’s not open to a change of perspective, it’s time for a change of regime. It may not be broken but it can always be improved.

Changes Her Tune: A two-faced boss is hard to cross. She keeps you insecure by praising you to your face only to tear you down to higher ups. She keeps you fawning for approval by complimenting a job well done (but always with suggestions for improvement). Don’t get me wrong — constructive criticism is beneficial. But if recommendations are mere ploys to dampen your drive, it’s a lose-lose situation.

Rules with a Fist:

Your boss works hard to master her domain, so expect a quick reaction at even a whiff of mutiny. So how does she rule her roost? She manipulates her minions by pitting them against each other in the battle for success. A fearful and mistrusting team won’t rebel and will continue churning out quality work to stay ahead.

Cope or Quit?

There’s only room for one at the top of the company totem pole, and your brutish boss won’t be denied the honor without a fight.

If you’re determined to stick with a job you love, always bear the bullying in a professional way. Challenging her or acting out will only fan the flames. But don’t simply wait around for her to change her tune. Keep a log of all her offenses and make sure you’re communicating your concerns as they occur. It’s possible she is unaware of her actions. If she continues her toxic tyranny, consider reporting her to HR.

And remember, there’s no shame in quitting. A manager who’s continuously eroding your confidence and undermining your best interests can wreck your resolve. No job is worth losing your sanity or self-esteem over. Go find a better springboard with a more stable support system.