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Funniest Ways to Quit

Christina Macres

April 14, 2010

Quit … Like Coco.

Think about it — Conan O’brien really got a bum deal. Imagine this: You’re a famed stand-up comic and people come from miles around to hear your innermost thoughts, feelings, and punch-lines. NBC not only recognizes your brilliance, but also gives you a sweet new show and an even sweeter paycheck. And just when you’re high on life and everything seems hunky-dory, bam, the Peacock decides your show isn’t the ratings juggernaut it was hoping for. You’re left feeling cold and alone with your only comfort the mild satisfaction that at least your shtick was better than mediocre.

We can only imagine this was how Conan felt after what we call “The Dreadful Conan vs The Network Debacle of 2010.”

In the end, however, the network bigwigs were the ones left feeling pained. Not only did Conan escape with $45 million in his pocket, he also managed to hang on to his dignity. How you might ask? By spending wads of NBC’s cash during his last shows. Putting mouse ears on a Bugatti Veyronn, also known as the most expensive car in the world? So necessary. Having the band play a Beatles song, costing the network a cool half-million? Why not?


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