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Hooray, an Interview! Oh no, an Interview!

Rosa E. Vargas |

March 23, 2010

Questions That Will Engage Your Interviewer

Another way to engage during an interview is by asking incisive questions. Convey your desire to connect, understand, and serve. Here are a few questions you can ask:

• What is (name company) looking for in the ideal candidate?

• How is it that (name company) is in need of hiring for this position?

• How does (name company) see this position affecting the entire department?

• What would employees say they most like about (name company)?

Notice the questions suggested above do not address the interviewer by using the pronoun, YOU. By avoiding the use of YOU, the interviewer will not feel interrogated.

Relax! You have worked diligently at attaining an interview. Besides, you wouldn’t apply for a job you are not qualified for anyway (right?). Have your piece of cake—you’ve earned it.

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