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Hooray, an Interview! Oh no, an Interview!

Rosa E. Vargas |

March 23, 2010

The Best Interviewees

When I use to interview, the candidates that were most memorable (and also turned out to be the best employees) were neither the ones who had answers rolling off their tongues (I could see right through that) nor the ones that walked in on pins and needles.

The qualified applicants who were curious, polite, professional, and who seemed to be reflecting on our discussion were the ones I hired. Why? Because in addition to being the best qualified, they cared enough to listen, evaluate, ask questions, and provide insightful and unscripted answers.

The image these stellar candidates created during the interview was that of a professional who, yes, had prepared for the interview but used the information as a springboard to an engaging, spot-on conversation.

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