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8 Secrets of “Lucky” Job-Seekers

8 Secrets of “Lucky” Job-Seekers

Nina Kim | AllHealthcare

March 11, 2010

Embrace Spontaneity

Keep an open mind to the random events that happen and the random people you meet in your life. See every instance as a potential situation for improving your luck.

Striking up a conversation with a person sitting next to you on an airplane can be the start of an important networking relationship with someone who may know of a job opening in your area. Taking a new route, hanging out with a different social group, or even partaking in something you come across randomly — all of these spontaneous occurrences can easily pave the way to new “luck” and opportunity.

“Always keep your options open and be prepared to make mistakes,” says John Krumboltz, professor of education at Stanford University. “You get more in life when you are willing to learn than closing everything out.”

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