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10 Overused Phrases Interviewers Hate

Jeff Hindenach | SalesHQ

March 02, 2010

3. “I am Loyal to a Fault.”

You’re not a dog, so why are you comparing yourself to one? While loyalty is a noble trait, no employer really believes that you are going to sacrifice your own well being or advancement for the company. No one knows how they will fit into a company until they are there. If you preach the virtues of loyalty in the interview but end up hating the job and moving on in six months, it reflects badly on your professionalism.

ALTERNATIVES: Be honest. Lay out your long-term goals for that particular company. If you want to use this position to gain experience and then move on to loftier goals, let them know. Your drive and honesty will be just as valuable as your loyalty. And it will give the company incentive to keep you engaged, so they can hold on to you as long as possible.

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