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The Secret Formula to Cover Letter Success

The Secret Formula to Cover Letter Success

Nina Kim | AllHealthcare

March 24, 2010

Paragraph 3: Highlight your education or latest experience and again, show how it relates directly to the job requirements

This third paragraph of your cover letter should definitely touch upon what kind of education and certifications you have. If you find this paragraph ends up too short, you can also talk about your most recent experience, what you’ve gained from it, and how it applies to the job for which you’re currently applying.

This third paragraph should be as specific as the second paragraph, functioning mainly as an extension of the second paragraph.

The most important part of this paragraph is that you always end with this following sentence: “I know my education and experience will make me a valuable asset to the _____ team as the ______.” This will clarify to the hiring manager exactly what you’re applying for (just in case there’s any confusion).

In the example below, the writer specifically mentions what kind of education she has and what it has taught her about being a nurse. Because that part is shorter, she then goes on to highlight her latest accomplishments as the ICU neonatal staff nurse. Again, all of the qualities and experiences she mentions relates directly back to the types of qualities and experiences needed for the job.

I received my bachelor’s degree in nursing from Shining Star University and passed the NCLEX in 2006. My nursing classes trained me to be meticulous, compassionate, and resourceful, and taking the NCLEX has instilled in me determination, perseverance, and sound judgment. Additionally, my most recent experience as a neonatal floor nurse at Los Gatos General Hospital has considerably piqued my interest in the maternal instinct and nurturing long-term relationships with babies and their families. I know my education and experience will make me a valuable asset to the Sunnyvale Community Hospital team as the ICU neonatal staff nurse.

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