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Take a Break From Your Job Search

Steve Berman

February 26, 2010

5. Take a Nap

Searching for work when you’re exhausted can actually be counterproductive. Sleep deprivation makes you more prone to make spelling and grammatical errors in the 20 different cover letters you planned to send out before the day’s end, and hiring managers tend to find it annoying when it’s clear you’re yawning during that phone interview.

Whether you stayed up too late the night before or your job search has driven you to the point of exhaustion, a short nap is oftentimes a much better idea than trying to fight through feelings of fatigue. While too much daytime dozing can actually make you more tired or hinder your nighttime sleep cycle, “power naps” (about 20-minutes or so) will leave you refreshed and ready to look for work. You’ll also be in good company with famous former and current nappers such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and Bill Clinton.

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