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The Top 11 Mistakes That Recent Grads Make in the Job Hunt

Chris Bianchi

March 05, 2010

Don’t second guess your every decision

In talking to many of my friends, second thoughts about career direction were a fairly common burden. It doesn’t happen to everybody, but a lot of kids go through this period of self-doubt and anxiety. I think this malady especially hinders people applying for jobs in new places where they don’t know anyone.

I was scared about a bunch of things when I applied for jobs. “What if I hate this job? What if I realize I don’t want to pursue the career I’ve spent four years working towards? Do I really want to do this?”

Eventually, unemployment took its toll on me and I realized that just about any job is better than unemployment. One of the best lessons I learned in my job hunt is that sitting back and doing nothing is far worse than taking a chance with a job. It might be scary, and believe me, I’ve had my own doubts, but in the end, it’s worth taking the risk. So silence those second thoughts and just go for it.

Ultimately, if the job is terrible and you quit, you’ll be right back where you started, but you’ll probably feel better for having tried it in the first place.

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