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The Top 11 Mistakes That Recent Grads Make in the Job Hunt

Chris Bianchi

March 05, 2010

Limit procrastination

If I had a dollar for every pound of food I ate avoiding applying for jobs…

This was my thought process, more or less, when approaching graduation: Oh crap, I’m graduating in a few weeks. (10 seconds of panic). I’ll…go to Pizza Hut and forget about graduation.

The truth is, some forms of procrastination are inevitable. Just limit it. I’m not going to give you some cheesy pointers or tricks on how to limit procrastinating. I shouldn’t have to. If you really want a job, just focus on the end result—becoming employed. That goal on its own should keep you away from quiz sites and deter you from checking your e-mail 1,500 times a day.

Basically, avoiding excessive procrastination is all about motivation. Speaking of which…

3)Motivate yourself >>