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The Top 11 Mistakes That Recent Grads Make in the Job Hunt

Chris Bianchi

March 05, 2010

11 Mistakes to Avoid

For those of you ready to graduate and dreading the job search, I’ve got some good and bad news. The bad news? Job searching is hard. The good news? I think I can help you out. I made a lot of mistakes in my frustrating, grueling search for employment, and I want you to learn from my laundry list of mistakes.

I moved home the day after I graduated, hoping to find a job in a tough field in an even tougher economy, but I had no luck for seven months. I sent my resume to tons of places, I even felt good about doing my part to try and revive the permanently broke Postal Service, but unfortunately I had no luck.

After seven months of unemployment, naturally, I received two jobs offers within a week of each other.

Now, onto you. If you’re graduating in May or you’ve still got a while to go, read this, and take note. This is all from the front lines, a collection of observations from my fellow unemployed friends and me. Print this, staple it to your wall, and recite it before you go to bed every night.

1)Work your tail off >>