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3 Golden Keys for Recent College Grads on the Job Hunt

3 Golden Keys for Recent College Grads on the Job Hunt

February 17, 2010

3. Change

People change, job duties change, the economy changes, so why shouldn’t your job search strategies? Set a “Point of Review” – this could be every week, two weeks, or even every month or two (we don’t suggest waiting too long).

During your Point of Review you should analyze 3 things:

1. What are your results so far? Write them down.

2. What approach did you take that lead to those results? Did you talk about the industry trends with the person you were networking with? Did you leave out the “Career Objective” in your resume?

3. What are you going to change this time around?

During your job search (especially as a new grad) it is difficult to understand the cause and effect relationship of things you do, but sometimes some things are quite obvious. A small tweak in your resume’s language can make a huge impact. Similarly, a simple change in your body language when you go to networking events can make a huge difference. For example, take note of how you acted; were you talking too long during the interview? Did you interrupt the interviewer a few times perhaps?

What you should do is try to use your “observing ego” – this is when you essentially observe what you say and how you act, and the results that come with that. Remember how you went about things and think of what you can change – little things of course, we’re not saying you should go to your next networking event in your Halloween costume (although that would be very entertaining for the rest of us).

So that’s it, consistency, focus, and change. These are basic principles that bring great results so use them to your advantage.

Good luck on your job hunt new grads!