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3 Golden Keys for Recent College Grads on the Job Hunt

3 Golden Keys for Recent College Grads on the Job Hunt

February 17, 2010

So you just graduated college finally and are looking for your first real entry-level job. How should you go about your job hunt? Just sit home and click away at the “submit resume” button all day? Stop what you’re doing! Find out what are the real keys to job hunting as a new grad in this economy and improve your chances out there!

1. Consistency

Ever hear the phrase “looking for a job is a job itself”? That holds true for many people. If you want to be successful in your job search, you must have a certain job hunt process you go through every day and you must carry it out, every day consistently. Now for college grads this shouldn’t be anything new; studying in college showed you that consistency brought results. Were you more confident going into a test studying at the last minute, or reviewing content every week? Here’s a little example below of a job hunt process:

• You wake up and apply for entry-level jobs online.

• Spend a few hours reading articles on how to brush up your job interview skills, how to improve your resume. Maybe even do a mock interview with your family or friend.

• Later you spend an hour or so trying to figure out who you can network with (who do my friends know? Who does my family know? What about online networking sites like MonsterCollege, who should I contact locally?).

This is just a small example, and by no means should you manage your time particularly like this – but what’s important is the fact that these are steps. You must be consistent and keep at what you are doing. If you don’t stay consistent during your job hunt, what happens is you see no results.

For example, say you start networking on Monday and apply to jobs, and then don’t follow up on networking the next few days and focus just on your resume. A week passes by, and you totally forgot about replying back to the people you networked with. Those people may now think you’re unorganized and already you lose any value you could present to them as an acquaintance. You have to stay consistent with what you do as a job seeker; show those people you’re on top of things and are eager to find work.