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R.A.M.P. up Your Resume

R.A.M.P. up Your Resume

By Stephen Seaward

January 19, 2010

Marketing. The primary objective for the resume is to get the interview, but in essence it’s trying to get someone to do business with you also. The resume has to have visual appeal that motivates the reader to want to read it. If a hiring manager or human resource person can’t read a resume easily, they probably won’t read it at all. Creating a visually appealing resume involves using just the right amount of white space, font sizes that are clear and easy to read and putting the best information strategically in the best place on the resume, which is what Susan Britton Whitcomb, author of “Resume Magic” calls the “visual center”. This area is about three – four inches or so from the top of the page. It’s the section that the reader’s eyes will gravitate to before reading it and stay fixed on if they just stare at it. If you have had some significant accomplishments in your career, this would be the place to put them.

Purpose. Most importantly, it has to market you to the level you want. Keep the resume focused. It’s quality, not quantity that matters. Don’t bog the resume down with information that may be used more effectively in the interview. Avoid the nice to know things and keep it directed on the substantive need to know material. If it doesn’t serve to strengthen your candidacy, then leave it off.

Finally, take writing a resume seriously and put in the time and effort to create the best possible marketing material you can. Keep in mind human resource professionals are watchful for resume inflation or fraud so be sure the resume is truthful, accurate and can be backed up. If your resume isn’t generating enough interview activity, you just may want to

RAMP it up.

It shouldn’t be an arduous task, but if you feel you can’t promote yourself objectively and clearly, then consider investing the money and use the services of a professional resume writer.