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R.A.M.P. up Your Resume

R.A.M.P. up Your Resume

By Stephen Seaward

January 19, 2010

Results. Articulating results on the resume can propel an individual to the top of the candidate pool. After all, that’s the primary reason an employer is looking to hire someone. Quantifiable results speak volumes. However if results can’t be quantified, then at least qualify the results. Merriam-Webster defines ”result” as “to proceed or arise as a consequence, effect or conclusion.”

Action. Merriam-Webster also defines “action” as “the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time”. Regardless of a candidates experience level, one question I would certainly ask an interviewee during a job interview would be to discuss some of his/her accomplishments. There is a difference between action and result. One could conceivably take an action that doesn’t produce a desired result or effect.

The resume not only needs to demonstrate the candidate possesses the requisite skills, talent, and experience, but has the potential to be effective. Action, accomplishment and results serve as the cornerstone of a great resume. For example saying “Performed market research” is merely an action. However, saying “performed market research (action) which expanded new customer base by 22% resulting in a 15% increase in annual revenue” (result) is much stronger.