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R.A.M.P. up Your Resume

R.A.M.P. up Your Resume

By Stephen Seaward

January 19, 2010

Standing out in a highly competitive job market amongst the volumes of resumes hitting human resources is becoming increasingly more challenging for job seekers. There was a time when a job seeker would simply throw something together quickly when someone said, “we’re hiring, send us a resume”.

Times have changed.

A resume is no longer an exercise in formality job seekers engage in to appease hiring managers. It’s a decisive piece of marketing material that prospective employers read to gauge a candidate’s potential and use to determine who gets an interview and who doesn’t. A passive sounding resume will undoubtedly produce mediocre results. It’s a safe bet that if a job seeker isn’t getting interviews, it just might be because the resume is weak.

The well-crafted resume contains four extremely important essentials: Results, Action, Marketing and Purpose.

A resume based on Results, with Action, and focused Marketing and Purpose becomes a great stand out marketing tool and has a greater chance of getting read and acted on.

See the RAMP criteria: