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Stalk Your Way to a New Job

Stalk Your Way to a New Job

Stalk like a career professional

Tania Khadder

December 16, 2009


This professional networking tool can be a fantastic stalking tool. For example, you’re looking for a contact at XYZ company. You search that company on LinkedIn and find names of relevant hiring managers.

Using the tools we showed you in the Google section of the article, you may be able to find said hiring manager’s email address. Now you can email them directly regarding the position — which means that instead of getting lost in the internet abyss, your resume might actually be seen.

You may also be able to use your own LinkedIn network to track down leads. Check to see who your connections’ connections are. If you see anything interesting, ask for an introduction. Too shy? Nonsense! There’s no room for shame in a job hunt.

Got some money to spend? For $250 a year, you can get access to up to 250 business cards (out of 14 million) on How does it work? Members share data from business cards they’ve collected. Once you join, you gain access to the growing database. If you’re serious about your stalking, are desperate for a lead and have some disposable income, this site might be the way to go.

In this day and age, there’s just no excuse for not having an arsenal of information on your job leads. At the very least, you should be scouring the company’s website for inside information. But if you really want an edge on the competition (and I’m pretty sure you do!), you should be doing some more in-depth detective work.

Now leave your ex-boyfriend alone and get to work!

*Disclaimer: These tips were designed to help you stalk in the most legal, non-creepy way. We do not encourage or condone harassment, obsessive behavior or any kind of physical stalking.