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How You Dress Depends on What Type of Job You Want

How You Dress Depends on What Type of Job You Want

The Commercial Appeal

December 03, 2009

“You should know your style and stick with it,” she said. “If it’s a little more creative, you can dress that way, too. But pay attention to how it’s all put together.”

A young woman can handle more trendy casual clothes, she said. But a potential employer should always be able to visualize her in a job. Tattoos, piercings, flip-flops and revealing items are not tickets to employment, she said. “You have to think about how you present yourself every day.”

PROFESSIONAL STYLE: You can create a “suit look” with a jacket and a skirt in conservative colors that work well together, said consultant Monica Hudson. Accessories may include:

A structured purse
Closed-toe high heels
Nude or opaque stockings
Classic jewelry
A scarf

Avoid sandals, headbands, dangling jewelry and anything low-cut.
Use prints and bright colors in moderation.
Job seekers should clean up their acts, even when not interviewing. You never know whom you might run into at the grocery or while running errands.

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