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7 Job Search Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them

Tania Khadder | MonsterCollege

November 24, 2009

7. Excessive worry

At a time like this, it’s natural to worry. You’re worried about whether or not you’ll find a job, worried about the competition, worried you’re too young, too old, too inexperienced or maybe too qualified.

You may spend hours agonizing over an application you’ve already sent out – you should have changed line two in your cover letter, or maybe you failed to highlight a key strength. And how are you going to explain that time you were fired? Or that 10-month gap?

Stop! Worry achieves nothing. You’re wasting your time and energy, and shattering your confidence (which you really need right now). And although it’s easier said than done, you can choose not to worry. It is a choice.

Instead of worrying, take action. Channel that energy into something more productive. Arm yourself. Be prepared to explain any inconsistencies in your resume. Spend a little more time making your next cover letter that much more effective.

You can’t change the past. And chances are, you’re going to face a lot of rejection before you land that dream job. It’s just the nature of the search. Accept it, do the best you can, and always keep moving.

Maximize your allotted job seeking time, so you can reward yourself later with a solid hour of bad TV, a decadent dinner, or a frivolous, self-indulgent Google search. Guilt free.

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