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7 Job Search Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them

Tania Khadder | MonsterCollege

November 24, 2009

6. Isolating yourself

It’s an easy mistake to make – you overestimate the power of the job boards, and underestimate the power of your network. You feel guilty about leaving the house, socializing and meeting new people. You just don’t have the motivation to go to industry events.

Now is not the time to be a hermit. These days, most people find jobs through someone in their network. Everyone you know, and every new person you meet, is a potential lead. Get out there, meet new people, get active in your industry and make sure all your friends and family know you’re looking for a job.

But instead of just announcing you’re out of work and desperately looking, research the companies that employ the people in your network. When you see a match, reach out. Your friend, or friend’s friend, may very well get you a foot in the door.

And when you do start schmoozing, make sure you keep track of your contacts and follow up. Otherwise, all that hard work – and painful small talk – will go to waste.

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