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7 Job Search Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them

Tania Khadder | MonsterCollege

November 24, 2009

5. Applying for the wrong jobs

It’s important to be ambitious, but sending out countless resumes to jobs you are totally unqualified for is a waste of time. Chances are, your resume won’t even get through to a human being (because of course, if it did, they would surely realize you were worth giving a shot to, based on all of your other, unrelated but equally impressive achievements).

With so many resumes being weeded out by automated keyword scans, chances are yours will just get lost in the Internet abyss.

Instead, be realistic about your qualifications. If you want a chance at an entirely different role than your current skill set allows, consider going back for further education.

But don’t waste your time applying for one long shot of a job after another. The competition is just too fierce, and your time too valuable, to make it worthwhile.

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