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3 Key Traits of Successful Entry-Level Job Seekers

3 Key Traits of Successful Entry-Level Job Seekers

November 12, 2009

The current job market is challenging for everyone. Job hunters are finding themselves in a long, grueling job hunt – even people with years of experience and impressive degrees. Yet, many job hunters are finding success. There is no single formula for job search success. However, Daniel Johnson, Jr., host of How I Got My Job, has noticed that successful job hunters do have some characteristics in common.

Daniel has interviewed more than 40 successful job hunters on his podcast. During a recent episode of the Savvy Jobseeker Podcast, Daniel shared five outstanding characteristics shared by several of them. Here are three:


Successful job hunters adapt to meet employers’ needs. Their adaptability makes them stand out. Bill Green got his job as an administrative assistant with a non-profit organization by demonstrating his adaptability through volunteering. Bill looked for things that needed to be done in the organization and he did them. When his stint as a volunteer was over the organization offered him a position. Bill calls his job ‘Silly Putty’. He says, “I fill in the cracks where ever I’m needed.”


Successful job hunters possess moxie, boldness. They are willing to put themselves out there to a certain degree. Ann Ronan, who landed her dream job as a health educator did just that. She wanted to be a health educator. She found the company she wanted to work for, went into their office and announced, “I really want to work here.” They found a volunteer opportunity for her. Later she transitioned to a paid position.


Authenticity starts with knowing your own strengths and skills and being able to effectively communicate them in interviewing and networking situations. Prepare for interviews by knowing yourself, learning about the job, and understanding how you fit. Social media offers additional opportunities to demonstrate authenticity and establish your credibility. Andre Blackman got noticed for his current position by writing a blog with a specific angle. This established him as a thought leader in his industry, boosted his credibility, and caught the attention of his current employer.

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