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What Not to Say During an Interview

What Not to Say During an Interview

By Alexi Calvo | HRPeople

October 06, 2009

Be Confident

Never say that you don’t know how to do something. When HR asks you about certain skills necessary for the job, rather than admitting that you don’t have a certain skill simply explain that you are a fast learner and can easily be taught. You want to come across as someone that can take on any task.

If you‘re wondering how you’re doing during the interview, fight your instinct to ask, “How am I doing?” That would be interview suicide. If you ask the interviewer for feedback while the interview is taking place it’s quite evident that you are not confident. Stay calm, bite your tongue, and continue with quiet dignity.

Finally, don’t tell the interviewer that you are willing to work for less money. This shows that you are okay with undervaluing yourself and that you are not business savvy and perhaps even desperate. If the company deems the salary appropriate for the position, take it.

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