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10 Body Language Blunders to Avoid on the Job


September 23, 2009

3. The Handshake

The handshake is your first chance to make a non-verbal impression. To begin with, you should endeavor to be the first to offer the handshake. You don’t want your arm flying up wildly in a desperate attempt to be first. However, when someone new comes in and says your name (usually as a question) extend your hand and reply.

When the handshake begins, make sure you extend your arm without fear. If there is any hesitation on your part, you’ll end up shaking fingers.

Aim for two pumps. Many more than that and your handshake partner will see you as exceedingly nervous (or that you’re trying to rip of their arm).

Keep your hands dry. No one likes to reach out and touch someone if they’ve got clamy palms. Step 1: Don’t clench your fists. This will make your hands warm and build up sweat. If that’s not enough, wash your hands regularly (drying well) or keep a kleenex in your pocket.