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How to Nail Job Fair Interviews

How to Nail Job Fair Interviews

By Lauren Bayne Anderson

June 22, 2011

Walking into a one on one interview is tough enough. But imagine several hundred people also interviewing with the same company, and the same interviewer, on the same day. That’s essentially a Job Fair.

Job or Career Fairs are events where a number of companies set up in a large space and invite the public to come in and interview on the spot with potential employers.

They are an excellent way to connect with companies you hadn’t considered, and knock out several interviews in one day. But, because recruiters are meeting with so many people, it’s important that you stand out from the pack.

Most of our advice for Job Fairs can be summed up in one simple word: preparation. Recruiters at job fairs agree that the candidates who impress them the most are ones that are prepared and have knowledge of the company they are interviewing with.

MonsterCollege offers up some tips to do well at your next job fair.

  • Bring your resume—and lots of them. If you are could be applying for several types of jobs, prepare several resumes to hand out to potential employers in different fields. Make sure your resume is flawless.
  • Wear a suit—you’d wear one to a regular interview, this is no different. In fact, you have the chance to interview with several companies at one time. Think of it as the corporate version of speed dating.
  • Research the companies that will be there—even though you’re meeting with a lot of people, remember so are they. You need to be able to stand out. One way to do that is to have in depth knowledge of the company and be able to ask informed questions of the interviewer.
  • Prepare for the usual Q&A— Prepare to answer a lot of the same questions you’d discuss at a formal interview. Check out our list of 100 potential interview questions here and Six Entry-Level Interview Answers You Need to Get Hired .
  • Have a firm handshake and make eye contact — this one speaks for itself. You want to appear confident. Command a confident presence and make them remember you.
  • Save the best for last—or at least later. During the job fair, you’ll get used to the process, warm up a bit, and eventually hit your stride. Start with the companies you’re least interested in to “practice” on. Move on to the big dogs once you’ve hit your stride.