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How to Ace the Phone Interview

How to Ace the Phone Interview

Jeff Hindenach | MonsterCollege

August 09, 2010

Most people regard a phone interview as a mere formality on their way to a face-to-face interview. Although the phone interview is usually just a preliminary step to the formal interview, it is just as important. If you don’t impress your future employer with your phone interview, you’ll never make it to the formal interview.

Are you nervous talking on the phone? Not sure of the best way to approach a phone interview? We’re here to help. Here are some helpful tips to remember when going into a phone interview that should put your mind at ease.

Make Sure the Phone Is Reliable

Nothing is more annoying to a potential employer than a dropped call. No matter how reliable your cell service is, it’s always a good idea to use a landline instead of a cell phone for phone interviews if at all possible. Accidental hang-ups don’t just upset the interviewer, they can also throw off the flow of the interview and make you flustered and panicked when you get the interviewer back on the phone.

Speak as Clearly as Possible

Since you don’t have the benefits of facial expressions, hand gestures, or visual aids to help with the interview, all you have is your voice to communicate your answers. Make sure you are speaking clearly and purposefully. Smile when you talk — it really comes across in your voice. Avoid eating, smoking, or doing any other activity that might obscure your speech. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to ask you to repeat your answer because they couldn’t understand you.

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