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Are You Getting Interviews, But Not the Job?

Are You Getting Interviews, But Not the Job?

John Rossheim, Monster Senior Contributing Writer

July 19, 2010

The Employer’s Perspective

Finally, keep in mind that your abilities have no absolute value to the employer; they’re only worth what they can do for the employer this year. “Sometime candidates don’t prepare to talk about the match: how their background and skills align with what the company is looking for,” Robak says.

To force yourself into each employer’s perspective, come up with good interview questions customized to the challenges the company faces right now. At the same time, remember that your questions show a lot about how you think. “You get hired by the questions you ask,” Benton says.

What if the elephant of a job loss or resume gap isn’t the only silent distraction in the room? You’ll never know unless you ask the interviewer on the spot.

“Close an interview by asking if the interviewer feels there are any gaps left unaddressed, so you can discuss them,” says Kim Lockhart, a regional vice president with Spherion Staffing. “If you aren’t selected, see if the recruiter or hiring manager will provide feedback,” she suggests.

This article was originally published on Monster.