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Are You Getting Interviews, But Not the Job?

Are You Getting Interviews, But Not the Job?

John Rossheim, Monster Senior Contributing Writer

July 19, 2010

What Matters to the Interviewer

As you approach an interview, consider how your manner and words will affect the interviewer’s state of mind.

“Be socially generous,” says Ann Demarais, author of First Impressions: What You Don’t Know About How Others See You. “Make the interviewer feel smart, talented, accomplished.”

Don’t make the mistake of letting the interview become a one-way question-and-answer session, which is bound to be too much about you and not enough about the interviewer. “Always get the interviewer talking,” says Stephen Balzac, president of management consultancy 7 Steps Ahead. “Ask them about their concerns, issues and goals. Then respond with relevant, brief vignettes about your accomplishments in previous jobs.”

And recognize that if you come into the interview with an elephant shackled to your ankle — namely, unemployment or a long resume gap — the interviewer will notice and be distracted by it. “The job seeker needs to proactively explain why they’ve been out of the job market,” says John Robak, COO of engineering firm Greeley and Hansen and an HR manager of long experience.

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