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Ten Job-Seeking Tips for Introverts

Ten Job-Seeking Tips for Introverts

Dr. Katharine Brooks

June 28, 2010

5. Practice mindfulness meditation. The world can be particularly stressful for introverts and you need to detox in a healthy way. It’s not unusual for introverts to experience anxiety, and mindfulness meditation has been shown to be one of the best ways to handle stress. A few minutes of mindfulness breathing before the interview can be a big help. I highly recommend anything by Jon Kabat-Zinn, particularly his book “Full Catastrophe Living.”

6. Keep in mind that most introverts do well in a one-on-one relationship, which is how most job interviews are conducted. You might get tired or overwhelmed when you have several interviews in a row (for instance when on-site for an all-day interview), so take a break and practice a minute or two of mindfulness meditation.

7. Medium-size groups can be challenging for an introvert, so if you’re facing a group interview, try focusing on one person at a time. Pay attention to the person asking the question (try not to be distracted by what someone else might be doing) and make sure you answer their question while making eye contact with everyone in the room. Resist a tendency to always look at the primary person while ignoring the other faces in the room. Find the friendly face— there’s usually at least one in the interview room.

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