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4 Career Lessons From Television

Hamsa Ramesha | MonsterCollege

May 14, 2010

4. Dress to Impress

The Show: Ugly Betty

Betty Suarez (America Ferrara) works at fashion magazine Mode, where the competition is deadly — sometimes literally. Betty is sweet and hard working, but with her shaggy hair, oversized glasses, metallic braces and tacky clothes, she’s also the ugly duckling in the fashion-forward office. Still, her professionalism and dedication to the job have brought her success on more than one occasion.

The Lesson:

The message of Ugly Betty may be all about inner beauty, but if a real-life Betty showed up at a magazine looking like she did, she wouldn’t have lasted a day. Dressing professionally reflects on who you are personally and matters a lot in your career. But that also doesn’t mean you should start crash dieting and break the bank on designer clothes!

Observe your office and corporate culture and imitate a similar sense of style. It’s appropriate to wear heels or a tie at a big corporation, but jeans and a t-shirt may be fine at a startup. Unless you’re telecommuting, coming to work like you rolled out of bed is never a good idea.

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