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5 Tips to Get Great References

Jeff Hindenach | MonsterCollege

May 04, 2010

Successful Doesn’t Equal Articulate

The CEO of a competing company could be an outstanding reference to grab future employers’ attention, but if that CEO doesn’t know you well enough or isn’t articulate enough to talk up your skills, then they are worthless as a reference. References who give one-word answers or ramble incoherently are not solid references. They need to sell you, as if they were interviewing for the job themselves.

Tips: If you are unsure of your references speaking abilities, make contact with them on the phone or in person as much as possible. Ask questions that require well thought out and informed answers. Discuss projects you are working on and success you’ve had, so they can give details if asked. Make sure they are intelligent and well-spoken, which will in turn look good on you.