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4 Steps to Taking Your Networking to the Next Level

Heather Huhman |

April 01, 2010


• Figure out what you want to be “when you grow up” and make a list of your target organizations and key people within those organizations.

•Have a defined unique selling proposition (USP) that describes what value you would bring to the organization.

•Perfect your “elevator pitch.” Those first 60 seconds with your contact are crucial. Make sure you are prepared and make an extraordinary impression.

STEP 1: Value-added networking

I touched on this in my last post, but I cannot stress this enough so I will mention it again. Give VALUE to your contacts. This means you must listen, listen, and listen before you ask about questions regarding your own self interests. Listening will not only present you as polite and professional (remember, be cognizant of your personal brand), but also it will allow you to find out your contacts’ needs. By listening and figuring out the missing elements, you may paint a mosaic in the minds of your contacts of your transferable skills that will match their needs or the needs of someone they know.

STEP 2: Staying in touch after your initial contact

After initially meeting, make sure your regularly

A great idea would be to leverage your digital technology skills in these e-mail correspondences. For example, if you find an article, podcast, or video you think might interest your contacts, make sure you send it their way. This is a great opportunity to keep yourself fresh in their minds, and again, you will be adding value to the relationship!

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